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Bidders must carefully read and abide by the auction rules and regulations of this company, and are responsible for their own actions in participating in the auction activities of this company.
This company makes no guarantee and does not take responsibility for flaws in quality of the lot or for the authenticity of the lot. The bidder and/or their representatives are responsible for understanding the actual state of the lot for themselves and take full legal responsibility for their own bidding on any lot.
If the bidder is a natural person they will fill out and sign the registration forms before the day of auction based on a valid personal identification, passport or another form of identification approved by the People's Republic of China; if the bidder is a legal person or other group, then they will fill out the registration forms before the day of auction with a valid from of registration certificate, the personal identification of a legal representative or a legally licensed consignment certificate in order to receive the bidding paddle number, otherwise they shall not be considered an official bidder.
To participate in the auction activities of this company the bidder will pay their deposit before receiving their bidding number. The specific amount of deposit will be announced before the auction by this company. If the bidder does not purchase any lots, the deposit described above will be returned to the bidder in full and without interest within 5 working days after the end of the auction. If the bidder purchases a lot then the deposit will support a part of the purchasing cost. If a part of the deposit remains then it will be returned at the time of the receipt of the lot.
nly when a bidder has provided written testimony and has received written confirmation from this company before the day of auction, then with the status of any bidder be indicated as a bidder representative, otherwise each bidding person will be seen as the bidder themselves.
Under general circumstances the bidder will attend the auction in person. If they cannot attend in person then they can select written absentee bidding by this company on their behalf. This company has the power to accept or reject the aforementioned absentee bid.
Because proxy bidding is done by this company under the special circumstance that the bidder cannot be present at the site and it is a free service, therefore the employees of this company have no responsibility for any success, negligence or error, or inability to represent the bidder that may occur in the process of absentee bidding. If the bidder wishes to guarantee bidding success then they should bid on their own behalf.

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